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How to write a meaningful quote in Brush Calligraphy

even if you are a total beginner?

Brush Calligraphy Workshop

with a dose of Parenting Inspiration

Would you like to relax and write therapeutically in this beautiful art form?

Would you like to learn a new skill in the comfort of your home, but don't know where to start?

Do you want to write personalised cards and gifts for your friends and family?

If you said YES to any or all of these, we have some Good News for you!

With the fundamentals of letterforms taught in a structured step-by-step guidance and with hands-on practice, you will have a good firm foundation on the basics to kickstart your creative brush calligraphy journey.

And with the concepts and skills learnt, you will be well-equipped to pen down:

Encouragement notes for your friends and family

- Personalised Cards for your loved ones

Quotes as home decors which serve as visual reminders to the values that you want to encourage in your children, and so so much more

Here's what our Alumni are saying!

A must-have introduction session to learn the basics which you otherwise may not be able to pick up easily from videos/books alone.

Relaxed and safe environment - I must say, this is the first zoom workshop that I've attended that everyone feels at ease enough to show their face and art pieces on video!

Love Bonds makes calligraphy writing less daunting and easy to grasp in just a short period of time :)

Definitely something enjoyable to pick up and for you to express yourself through this art form. 

You will discover

Water Brush Pen

How to use a water brush pen so that you can express your creativity and love with words

Basic Watercolour Concepts

How to use watercolour in your calligraphy work so that you can create your own unique blend of colours

Concept of Brush Calligraphy

How to achieve the thick and thin strokes so that you can write letters confidently

Here's what you'll get

Love Bonds Brush Calligraphy Kit

  • 1 x Water brush pen

  • 1 x Watercolour palette 

  • 1 x Personalized Welcome Card (with your Name Brush Calligraphed on) 

  • Love Bonds Brush Calligraphy Notes that contains

  • Basic Strokes

  • Lowercase Alphabets

  • Exemplars

  • Practice Guide Sheets

  • Templates for Quotes / Messages

  • Supplies List

  • 2 x A4 Watercolour Paper (as your graduation piece)

  • 1 x A4 Frame (for your graduation piece) 

  • 1 x Certificate of Completion for Brush Calligraphy Workshop (for you to write your name on it after you complete the workshop)

You will love our Brush Calligraphy Kit as much as they do!

They are very thoughtfully planned to cater to beginners like myself. Love the personalised card too. So much effort!

The personalised calligraphy kit was very well thought out. With sufficient details and templates to go with the flow during the zoom.

Love it that it is personalised! I love anything personalised and that everything needed is in the box!

Love Bonds Featured on

Who is this for?

  • Beginners who would like to learn brush calligraphy but don't know how to start or where to start

  • Self-proclaimed “unartistic” individuals who would like to learn a fun hobby

  • Individuals who would like some me-time doing therapeutic writing

  • Children (7 to 12 years) who would like to express themselves creatively through beautiful writing

  • Parents who would like to bond with their children while learning a new and fun skill together

Parent-and-Child Bonding Time!

Love that it revolves around family and parenting while still being able to learn and practise a new skill.

I think it is an interesting concept! Serene caters to both adults and kids and I like the involvement of my kids in this workshop. It is more than spending time together, it is fostering the spirit of learning together as a family.

Yes, it's a good way to start brush calligraphy and kick all procrastination aside!

All these are available to you starting from $147 per adult!

(Original Price: SGD187)

Price includes one-time local Singapore delivery. For overseas delivery, please email us at [email protected] for the additional delivery fees.

Join us to have fun together!

(You can register your interest for our future virtual workshop)

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Brush Calligraphy Workshop

Your Questions Answered

I tried learning calligraphy by myself, but it was too difficult.

That's why we are here! Our 3-hour Brush Calligraphy workshop will help kick start your calligraphy journey, and our subsequent 6-month LB CCC (Love Bonds Calligraphy Connect Community) program gives you homework support, live sessions, Facebook group community, guide sheets and templates to walk alongside you in this calligraphy journey.

How is this workshop different from other readily available YouTube videos?

Accountability. We ensure that you and/or your child learn and practise along with us. In our Zoom session together, we have real time live interaction and encouraging constructive feedback so that you can improve your strokes as you go along. 

Information alone doesn't create change. Practice makes permanent so learn the proper brush calligraphy concepts so as to practise right.

My handwriting is horrible. Can I really learn calligraphy?

Definitely! My normal day-to-day handwriting is really just normal. Calligraphy is more like painting, it has to do with learning the right concepts, and it's an art form. So it is a skill that can be learnt - BUT it will take some time, effort and practice :)

I am a FTWM/SAHM, I don't have time to practise. Does it take a long time to learn?

Our Brush Calligraphy Workshop is a 3-hour workshop BUT calligraphy is a skill that needs time to practise. If you're able to just devote 10-15 minutes for a few days a week, you can learn calligraphy in a span of a few months. Our encouraging LB CCC community is here to keep you accountable and we progress together!

I don't think I am an arty person - is calligraphy for me?

YES! You first need to know the concepts and practice makes progress. In fact, it is proven that our students improve so much over time (see our Instagram highlights)!

Is this investment worth it?

Investing in yourself and committing to learn this skill can seem daunting, but it is also a lifelong skill that just keeps giving, to yourself and to others as well. 

Hi, I'm Serene, and this is my Calligraphy Journey

I started learning calligraphy in 2015, just when my elder son turned 2 years old. The learning curve was steep because I didn't know the basics, how to hold the brush pen and stuff.

But I persevered on and it took weeks and months of practice to figure out the basics on how to hold the calligraphy pen holder and dip the nib into the ink and write with a strength that will produce even thick downstrokes and steady thin up strokes.

I practiced real hard, 10 to 15 minutes every night, after putting my son to bed, to be able to write legibly. And finally (after 6 months of consistent practice), my words look somewhat decent! And from here on, the possibilities were endless!

I started writing names on Muji books and giving them to students (when I was still a teacher back then), writing cards for fellow colleagues, and writing quotes and wedding invites for friends and custom pieces for loved ones.

It was a joy to be able to bless those around me with my writing.

And in May 2016, a HUGE opportunity came my way! Muji approached me and invited me as a calligrapher to write for customers who want their names to be written in calligraphy on Muji books. *Gosh*... I hyperventilated when I was first approached and of course, I said yes! It was a dream come true for me! To be able to write in their beautiful space.

And upon requests from friends and friends of friends, I started teaching brush lettering and modern calligraphy in small groups and I totally loved it! Sharing my love for this beautiful art form was truly a joy in itself! There was always so much fun and laughter in these small sessions and we bonded over learning something new together. As a mum, having such intimate gathering sessions with other like-minded individuals while doing something therapeutic together was beautiful.

When I was pregnant and in my 3rd trimester with my 2nd one, I was given the opportunity to write for the esteemed guests of Chanel during the Christmas season.

Learning a new skill was tough but I was so glad I took the plunge and persevered on to learn it well. Am glad I started this journey which allowed me to write cards for friends, quotes as home decor, which serves as visual reminders of values I want to encourage in my children and to bless others.

Calligraphy gave me the time and space to reflect and think. And I love the creativity that comes with this art form.

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